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6 Wines Nature Box


This special box is a travel division,
like memories of flavors, pure vision:
between a fragment of a past time,
above the gaze of our beloved wine.

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Exclusive 6 Wines Nature Box in cardboard

Red Selection
dedicated to Frank & Serafìco red wines: 2 Frank, 2 Sangiovese, 1 Mr Morellino, 1 Montalzato


Bestsellers Selection
dedicated to Frank & Serafìco bestsellers: 2 Frank, 2 Sangiovese, 2 Serafico


Full Collection
dedicated to the complete selection of Frank & Serafìco wines: 1 Frank, 1 Sangiovese, 1 Morellino, 1 Montalzato, 1 Serafico, 1 Di Macchia


full Frank wine selection: 6 x Frank


full  Serafìco wine selection: 6 x Serafìco


full Sangiovese wine selection: 6 x Sangiovese


full Montalzato wine selection: 6 x Montalzato


full Mr Morellino wine selection: 6 x Mr Morellino


Di Macchia
full Di Macchia wine selection: 6 x Di Macchia

The wines vintages included in the packaging would be the latest available