The farm

The Farm



The Frank & Serafico’s project was born in 2009 when two oenologists, Pier Paolo Pratesi (Serafìco) and Fabrizio Testa (Frank), met and decided to move together in the heart of the “Uccellina National Park” to start an ambitious endeavour: produce in total autonomy their own wines and beers, using the natural ingredients harvested in their estate, and cook delicious foods in the “Farm Pub” using the vegetables grown in their garden.

The “Maremma” is certainly a wonderful land, an alchemic combination of beauty and nature; the ideal ground from where to start this new project, making way for new tracks over an old soil.

The Estate





Living and working in the heart of the Maremma’s Natural Park has no parallel. A unique place, filled with a rich and varied Mediterranean vegetation, with all sorts of animals roaming free in their natural environment, wild boars, foxes, hares and deer. The climate is also very favourable: in the summer the sea breeze alleviates the intense heat and the evenings and nights are always cool, even during the summer season.

A real paradise with an ancient history.


“ Vivesse Maremma. Morrei contento” Leopoldo II of Lorena, Grand duke of Tuscany (1824-1859).




To better express the qualities of this variegated land, Frank & Serafico have decided to harvest grapes with different attitudes and characteristics, cultivated around the Maremman soil over an area of 23 hectares. Our white grapes ((Vermentino, Sauvignon Blanc, Fiano and Petit Manseng) are farmed within the Natural Park and on the hills around Capalbio. This is because the soil around these two areas is sandy, hence conferring to the wine a fresh and highly aromatic flavour. Our red grapes (Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Alicante and Carmenere) are instead farmed within the Park and on the hills around Magliano in Toscana, a soil rich in skeleton, which confers to the wine all the properties needed for aging.




Our Enki Ale beers were born with a specific idea in mind: the so called “terroir”, a concept so far linked with wine culture. This ambitious goal could be reached only by using the natural ingredients cultivated, once again, within the “Maremman Natural Park”. Here in fact we grow the barley, and have recently started to produce our own hop, fundamental element to provide our beers with the necessary and distinctive aromatic and bitter taste. We have therefore decided to experiment ourselves with different beer varieties such as the Cascade, the Golding and the Saaz, so far with very good results. Our goal is to produce, within the next few years, beer with totally home grown raw materials from the Park.

The Farm Pub



The “Farm Pub” project (recent opening, summer 2015), was born from the desire to enhance the taste of the Tuscan cuisine, at its best. The Pub is also a great occasion to have a snack, lunch or dinner, whilst tasting the Frank & Serafico wines and beers. The farm pub is the ideal place for weddings, ceremonies or groups who want to visit our estate through guided food and wine tasting tours.

The home grown vegetables are cultivated in our “English gardens” adjacent to the pub; here you can also taste our homemade bread, focacce, jams, conserves, and olive oil. All the other products are carefully selected by us, from the best local farms. The Farm Pub has an internal “winter” and external “summer” dining area, ideal for large groups.

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This latest chapter in the colourful history of Frank & Serafìco started with a chance meeting between Pier Paolo, at his vineyard & restaurant, with Russ & Chiara.
Originally medicinal chemists by training, one Welsh & one Italian, both passionate explorers of the interface between traditional food & drink & the creativity of science in their home in Tuscany. Sharing ideas, wine & laughter, the three recognised a common passion for nature, excellent food & drink, local ingredients & blending deep rooted traditions with a modern technological twist.
As well as not taking themselves too seriously.
We wanted our gins to be a part of the Frank & Serafìco philosophy.