Enki Birra Agricola Stout 0,33 L

Enki Birra Agricola Stout 0,33 L


Bottled conditioned beer

Characterized by a strong dark color. The strenght is low, while the typical hops aroma is only moderately perceived because it is dominated by the flavor of toasted malt.


Gastronomic matches

Oysters, shellfish, beef tartare, desserts.


Style : Stout.
Fermentation : High.
WORT (sucrose by weight) : 15° P
ABV (alcohol by volume) 6,5%
Ideal temperature: 8°- 10 °C
Head: creamy and persistent.
Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: Licorice, coffee, roasted barley.
Flavour: A strong sensation of barley coffee, wood and cocoa hints.
Aroma: Licorice, chocolate.
Gastronomic matches: Oysters, crustaceans, beef tartare, desserts.

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