Our beers


At the sunset of a seemingly ordinary day we set off for our fields. We went till the point where we were immersed amidst expanses of land in its first blossom, slanted beams of light cutting through valleys surrounded here and there by thick patches of trees as to remind us that the wild has never given up drawing the borders of human labour. We only stopped when a familiar smell intruded in our conversation.

We shut our eyes and breathed in deeply. It was the scent of our land, which would make our Enki unique.

This is how the project of brewers of Maremma was born: from the simple intuition to grow the raw materials so as to produce in a totally independent way a beer fragrant with Tuscan Maremma.

“In Sumerian mythology, Enki, is is the god of the fresh waters on which the earth floats and gives birth to life. Our dear Enki loved beer so much that his daughter, Ninkasi, became the beer goddess. A superb host of feasts and banquets, when he was too drunk, he was said to give talismans and super powers to his diners, forgetting about it all the next day, hence creating great turmoil. It is to him and his sane folly that we have decided to dedicate our beer”.

Frank & Serafìco