The farm pub


The philosophy of our enterprise goes hand in hand with the decision to build our own kitchen-laboratory to try and make the majority of our products at “home”. On top of cooking all sorts of delicatessen, chosen for you amongst the best local growers.
The bread, “schiaccia” (the Tuscan focaccia) and breadsticks are made by using “vintage”, soft wheat such as the Verna, Gentil Rosso and Frassineto; hard wheat such as the Cappelli and Faraone Khorasan wheat; they are extremely delicate and are victims of the genetic erosion of our land (the loss of vegetal biodiversity).
Moreover, in order to give a personal twist to our products, we have decided to use our Enki beer yeasts.
At the farm pub you will be able to taste our chutneys, sauces, jams and Enki beer’s jellies to complete your wine and beer tasting experience.
We are also currently building several “English Gardens” to cultivate the majority of our vegetables “at home”, whilst all other products (meat, salamis, cheese, and legumes) are carefully selected amongst the best local farms, preferably organic.
Our Farm Pub offers you a selection of salamis, cheese, meat and vegetarian “crostone” or hamburger, tartars and tempuras. Alternatively you can always try our “Menu of the Day”, which can include real local delicatessen such as the “Ciaffagnoni” (the Maremma version of crepes ), Spaghetti with Bottarga, Tortelli and many other vegetarian or meat courses with season’s veggies.

The Farm pub kitchen
The Farm Pub ingredients
The Farm Pub ingredients
The Farm Pub